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R468657 Map No R-3811-016D0-00800-000 1.79 Acres M/L Being: Lot 11, Block 58, Klamath Falls Forest Estates, Hwy 66, Plat 2, Klamath County, Oregon Low in Elevation! Should mean a cheaper well!
$10,000 cash or $14,500 finance. $14,000 balance, with $500 down and $188.88/mo. at 12 years, 12%. No prepayment penalty. Three years to cash out and get 10% off what you owe at the time. A year to go look if you buy sight unseen and switch equity to another lot if you are not 100% happy.
Zoned for a home. 1.79 Acres. Sits above the small town of Bonanza, just above the valley floor, south side of Bly Mountain. Good parcel for less snow, more sun, and a cheaper well. Would be a great parcel for horses, or growing.

The access road in is unimproved. Suggest four wheel drive during the transition times with rain and snow.

The land is level the first 100 feet or so back, then slopes to the back slightly. Scattered brush currently with some surface rock and a few pines and junipers.

Great parcel for those that want very few people driving by. Private.
CONTACT: Michael Long
NOTE: County GPS: (To middle of parcel)
42.271287 -121.408958