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R398242 Map No R-3711-028D0-01100-000 2.68 Acres Gross (2.56 Acres net) Lot 26, Block 21, Klamath Falls Forest Estates, Highway 66, Plat 1, Klamath County, Oregon
$16,000 cash or $19,000 finance. If financed, $500 down and $247.98/mo. (12%, 12 years) Or, if 12% and 20 years, with $500 down, payment is $208.70/month. No prepayment penalty. Three years to cash out and get 10% off what you owe at the time. A year to go look if you buy sight unseen and switch equity to another lot if you are not 100% happy.
Beautiful parcel on the south side of Bly Mountain, above the small town of Bonanza. In unit 1. Zoned for one home. Manufactured homes and animals OK.

Open areas in which to build. Nice variation of trees. Good access by gravel road. Sits on the far south end of Chicken Hawk Drive, just 200-400 feet east of Sparrow Hawk.

Quiet. Private.

Ready for a place in the country?

This unit has a community well that some home owners use in the unit. If you were to build, you could find out about who controls it at this time.
CONTACT: Michael Long
(503) 680-1144
NOTE: Some snow removal in the unit, but many home owners plow thier own roads. Being on the far south end of this unit would mean less snow than being a little north, higher in elevation on the mountain. Should give less snow, better access, and less distance to drill a well.

Land is 500` in the back. 518.73` on the west side, 528.78` on the east side. Frontage is 39.27` from SW corner marker on Chicken Hawk, then another 173.25` to the east. (Total of 212.52` total)

Home to the north on Sparrow.

GPS: 42.327153 -121.412585